Month: June 2019

Rifle Barrel Bore Cleaning

RIFLE BARREL BORE CLEANING. Match shooter shooting in competition cleans barrels after 8-15 shots. It is a good rule to clean barrel when 20-30 shots are through as a maximum shots fired. This depends on size of cartridge case,...

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Muzzle Velocity Test.

Muzzle Velocity Test. Muzzle Velocity test on a 7 MM Remington Magnum rifle. Shooting Berger 180 grains bullet at 3093 fps. This bullet is one of the highest B.C. .690 acc. to G1 For cal. 284/7 MM Test was done with Labradar...

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Membership Video Channel.

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From Customer

“I have read several manuals published in the U.S. about suppressors and your manual is better than all of them,without exception. It is clear and concise and very easy to read and understand. Many Thanks for making it available to interested readers such as myself” D.K.

Nightforce ATACR Rifle Scope.

Krossdal Stocks Iceland

Krossdal Stocks in Iceland.

Krossdal Stocks in Iceland.

Nightforce Competition Rifle Scopes.


International Benchrest Shooters


International Bench Rest Shooters