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Shooting 1000 yards rifle, 7MM REM MAG.

SIDANMIN  Gun smithing and related products. Custom Rifles, gun silencer, pistol silencer, muzzle brake, double action silencer and muzzle brake combination.

Gun Silencer Manual Available on   Instructions and detailed drawings of how to make a gun silencer for rifle.

Pistol Silencer Manual Available on  Pistol Silencer Manual, of how to make a pistol silencer,

Double Action Silencer and Muzzle Brake available on  New invention in combininmg a Gun Silencer and Muzzle Brake into a single unit. Suppresses sound as well as reduces recoil

Rifle Bedding Book Available on  Glass Bedding Rifle. The fundamental improvement for rifle accuracy. Pillar bedding method

Rifle Muzzle Brake Recoil Compensator Available on   Muzzle Brake for rifle, reduces recoil by up to 60 % . Improves accuracy of rifle.

Gun Shots   Big website about guns, rifles and pistols. Gun safety. Gun Manufacturers. Shotguns.

How stuff Work  Interesting large website of how stuff works

E How   How to do just about everything.

TOPPSKOT.IS  New Netshop. Gun Sales. Reloading Ammunition components, Reloading Tools.

Gun Silencer Video  Gun Silencer on a 22 Semi Automatic Rifle.

Cleaning Rifle Barrel Bore  Informative video of cleaning rifle barre the correct way.

Muzzle Brake Blog   How to make a Muzzle Brake. Manual of how to make it. Blueprint Drawings.

Security Pro USA   Intersting website. Your online security center.

Long Range Hunting   Long range hunting and shooting equipment, gear,  techniques and discussion.

Long Range Hunting Forum     Welcome to Online Magazine and Forums.

Long Range Hunting Shop    I personally use much of the long range hunting gear and supplies you see here in the LRH Gear Shop. In fact, I used several of the newest items during this hunting season. Some are from the LRH Sponsors. All are the kind of products I can confidently recommend.

Rifle Bedding BLOG  The foundation of rifle accuracy is the bedding of barreled action into the stock.You may have a rifle with quality, barrel,action and scope,it can shoot well or not so well.pillar bedding will increase its accuracy.In both cases,there is a great advantage to glass bedding the barreled action with,two part epoxy bedding compound. The most accurate rifles,in bench rest competition,varmint,tactical, hunting,and target shooting,are pillar bedded.Rifle Bedding Book is all the guide you need.


HONESTe Online Member Seal Click to verify - Before you buy!  Jimmy recently said "of all the businesses I've created over the years this one's taken the most of my blood, sweat and tears. Ironically, it's one of the purest, simple concepts I've ever brought to market. But it had to be done just right. My staff and I could not be more thrilled."



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