Reloading Ammunition For Rifles.  Hand loading ammunition with precision custom made dies and tools. Straight line bullet seater, neck sizing die. Powder measure made by Gunsmith Seely Masker. Hart Arbor press. Cartridge is 6 MM PPC for Bench Rest Shooting. Berger 68 grains bullets.

The most accurate ammunition are produced by reloading with handmade custom dies, which are made with same reamer as chamber of rifle. Precision ammunition is required in bench rest shooting.



Neck turning cartridge case’s neck is a must to make neck wall thickness even within 0.0001 inch.  A bullet that starts crooked ends up, out of group.

All Bench Rest shooters do neck turn the necks on their cartridge cases. Period.

The video below demonstrates Neck Turning with simple tools. Battery drill machine and neck turner. Precision ball micrometer is necessary.

After neck turning the cartridge cases are deburred at neck with a 60 degree deburring tool.  Weighed and sorted into loading block, from lightest to heaviest. The reloaded and shot. Important to have bullet seated rather tight into lands, so that the case forms well in first firing.



Introduction to Bench Rest Shooting with precision rifle and handloaded precision ammunition.